• PCB Assembly Capabilities

    Features Capability
    Assembly Types

    Surface Mount (SMT)


    Mixed Technology (SMT/Thru-hole)

    Single sided placement

    Order Volume 2 - 50 pcs(Single or panelized PCB)
    Single PCB Size

    2 Layer: 10x10mm - 480x320mm

    4&6 Layer: 10x10mm - 350x320mm

    PCB Panel Size 10x10mm - 250x250mm

    All components supplied by JLCPCB

    (689 Basic components and 200k+ Extended components)

    SMT-Stencil Laser cut stainless steel (Not delivered with the assembled boards)
    Soldering Method Leadfree, ENIG
    Quality Inspection

    Visual Inspection

    Solderpaste Inspection (SPI)

    X-ray Inspection

    Automated Optical Inspection

    Lead Time 24 hours
    Soldering Types


    Reflow Soldering

    Wave Soldering

  • Available PCB Specs for Assembly

    Layer Thickness(mm) Color Surface Finish Qty(pcs)
    2L 0.8 Green HASL Leaded 2-30
    1 Green/Black HASL- Leaded/Lead free/ENIG 2-30
    1.2 Green/Black HASL- Leaded/Lead free/ENIG 2-50
    1.6 Green / Black(ENIG not supported /Blue&Red&White(HASL-Leaded,5-30pcs) HASL- Leaded/Lead free/ENIG 2-50
    4L 1 Green HASL- Leaded/Lead free 2-30
    1.2/1.6 Green HASL- Leaded/Lead free/ENIG 2-50
    6L 1.6 Green HASL- Leaded/Lead free 2-30


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